Why Enter

Why Should I Enter?

On average, winning an industry award can see over a 37% growth in revenue* over their competitors, putting your brand in the spotlight in front of a room full of industry experts. With potential for new business relationships, this highest form of recognition puts your brand at the top of your field.

The Performance Marketing Awards aim to capture this evolving and innovative industry with new categories to reflect the changing demands, challenges and achievements which brands face in the current marketing landscape. It’s our job to ensure brands are recognised and celebrated for their incredible achievements in both major companies and individuals.

In front of a 1,000 strong audience, winning a Performance Marketing Award is a fantastic way to toast to the hard work and determination of the previous 12 months, and the value goes beyond the trophy.

The winning campaigns are featured as case studies on the PerformanceIN website. Winners are profiled for the next 12 months and provided with official PMA winners assets to profile their success to partners and future clients.

*Study by Hendricks & Singhal of the University of Western Ontario and Georgia Institute of Technology

Need More Convincing?

  • Industry recognition – Showcase your achievements as a leader in front of the industry for innovation and high performance.
  • Celebrate your achievements – There’s no better place to honour a fantastic 12 months than with your team at the Performance Marketing Awards.
  • Supporting the industry – Showcase the very best practice, creativity and performance.
  • Client relations – Celebrate your win with clients, building existing partnership and spotlighting achievements in front of new prospects.
  • Increased revenue – Winning differentiates yourself from competitors and can provide that edge for new deals and validates reputation.

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